New Students

Philosophy and Practice

I believe that playing music is not just an after school activity, it’s a way of interacting with the world. My goal is to prepare students to be lifelong musicians – those that enjoy exploring new music and have the skills to create music on a variety of instruments. My students will experience playing solo and with others, learning to “speak the language” of music with other musicians either through sheet music or terminology. My students will experience playing in homes and on a stages, learning the art of performance and continually building a repertoire. All of my students are constantly working towards a fluency on their instrument that allows for improvisation and composition beyond what is written on the page or heard on an album. This means learning foundations, transferrable skills, and understandings through songs rather than just learning one song at a time. I believe that this process is not linear but it is fluid and different for every one of my students – depending on the interests, skills, and pace.

My thoughts on practice may be unconventional but they are foundational to the way I teach music. I believe that if I, as a teacher, provide my student with musical experiences that fit their interests and that demand skills only within their zone of proximal development, then student should want to practice instead of be forced to practice. As caretakers, we can help by providing a place to keep the instrument out of it’s case and accessible to be played anytime. We can listen to music with our children or even learn the basics of an instrument alongside our children. We can listen to them play and celebrate the music they make. I hope that with this support, students will want to play their instrument more than they will need to be forced to practice.

Instruments and Class Size

Lessons are offered on the following instruments for students of any age. Multi-instrumental approaches are highly encouraged. Selecting the focus instrument and approach can be an ongoing conversation over years of lessons.

  • Foundational Instruments (Faber curriculum)
    • Piano
  • Pop / Rock Instruments
    • Keys
    • Ukulele
    • Guitar
    • Bass
  • Orchestra Instruments (Essential Elements and Suzuki curriculum)
    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
  • Folk Instruments
    • Fiddle
    • Mandolin
    • Banjo
    • Guitar
    • Upright Bass

Most lessons are one-on-one individual lessons but we also offer group lessons of up to three students. Group lessons can be a valuable extension to individual lessons or a good option for experienced players. Group lessons are a lot of fun and provide the opportunity for students to learn the dynamics of playing in a band together.

Schedule and Location

All lessons are held in our home music studio in the Poncey Highland neighborhood of Atlanta. The exact address will be sent with the confirmation email for new students.

Selecting the appropriate lesson length and frequency can be an ongoing conversation. Most students begin with a 30 minute lesson once a week at a specific recurring time. Scheduling is flexible and will be confirmed at the beginning of each month by both the teacher and the student.

The schedule is currently full but to be added to the waiting list please email,

Rates and Payment

The rates for individual lessons are as follows:

  • 30 minutes = $30
  • 45 minutes = $40
  • 60 minutes = $50

The rates for group lessons are as follows:

  • 30 minutes = $20 / each student
  • 45 minutes = $30 / each student
  • 60 minutes = $40 / each student

Payment is requested at the beginning of each month when the lesson times for the month are confirmed by both the teacher and the student. Payment is accepted via Paypal, Venmo, Cash app, Google Pay, WellsFargo SurePay, cash or check.